Hommage à Rabia Djelti

Hommage à  Rabia Djelti

biographie (anglais)

rabia djelti/Algeria general poet Algerian from newborn of Algeria 1964, academic study in Algeria completed her then doctorate obtained [fY] the literature [aalmGrbY] the interview from comprehensive Damascus, weak presently professor [fY] [aalHaame'aat] Algerian. Writer [wmtrjmtw] several hairy groups have fun. Considers [rbye't] grazed me beted from the important poets Algerian so she only about among poets of generation the seventy which stayed writes and hairy groups spread her, weak just as some her say in usefulness the journalist the political group does not write within to the stage hits and blames ideological trap the announcement falls in who fell in him the all issued many from the councils was first her reliefs to directs other than Parisian and last what exported have fun from which in the mirror translated felt her to the Moroccan Frenchman the poet Abdul Latif the playing in council and modern in the secret as for [bwjdrt] so last group translates her translation [EEshe'aarhaa] to several languages from her [aalfrnsy]�� and Spanish and Dutch Dutch [waalswysrytwaalktlaanyt] for the poet [rbye't] strong attendance in the literary arena and cultural Arabic and international international

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